What is Legendseeker??


In a nutshell... it's me


I drive cross-country seeking legends.

I've been doing it for about ten years now.

Yes, people think I'm a nut.



I'm an author with three book series:

Sons of Mil Saga,

Violators: The Coalition,


Tangled Threads


I compile legends, folklore, fairytale, myth, urban legend, rumor, and ghost stories

into modern day action-adventure.


There's excitement, romance, horror, fantasy, history...

and almost all of the creatures are "Google-able"!


My goal has always been to bring back Old World legends

and make them fresh and fun. I've also used some New World legends.


Why do I do this?

When I tell people I'm going cross-country to look for the Jersey Devil and Mothman, half of them have no idea what I'm talking about.

These are American creatures!

There were newspaper articles written about numerous sightings.

People actually swear they saw these creatures.

Chupacabra is another one.

It's been in the news lately.


I know you've heard about Bigfoot!


There are hundreds of other creatures of legend and myth that people are forgetting,

or they've never heard about. Unless you're a cryptozoologist, an Anthropologist,

or you're like me and you love to watch shows like

Destination Truth

you won't know about it unless it goes mainstream.


It's kind of sad, because that's our history.

Our ancestors may have actually seen these fantastical creatures,

or even if they didn't, WOW! What an imagination they had!

I'd hate to lose any of it.

So I take my kids around the States so that they can seek and find

and then pass on what they've learned to the next generation.

And I write, so you can share some of the fun

by taking an exciting trip into my world.


Nancy Brooks