The Caretaker


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The Caretaker is a paranormal fantasy that kicks off the Violators: The Coalition series. Randy Karson has protected the Stratton family for generations; there is nothing he won't do for them. Caitlyn Emerson has battled her way through life, but the hardest battle is yet to come as she and her children fall in love with the caretaker of her grandfather's mansion. Bish and her siblings become pawns in a centuries-old power struggle that could change the future of the entire world. With love and happiness in jeopardy, Randy must decide whether to fight or join the trespassers in his previously secluded world.

Do you recognize the model on the cover?

Ryan Johnson



Cover Art by

Miguel Kilantang

There are several legends, etc mentioned in

The Caretaker:


Luck - some people believe that they are more susceptible to bad luck than others. Fortuna was a mythological Roman goddess of fortune - she could bring good or bad luck to people according to her whims.


Animal Beings - animals have been given human qualities in order to tell stories in several cultures. Some of the most famous animals are from Native American cultures such as Coyote and Wolf of the Shoshoni legends. While Wolf was respected and seen as a creation god, Coyote was seen as a Trickster and was avoided. In The Caretaker, Coyote quotes Genesis of the Bible to prove that he is greater than Man, because he says God created Animals first.


Shape shifters - many cultures believe that some people have the power (or are cursed) to change shape from Man to Animal. One of the most well-known shape shifters are wolves. While Hollywood portrays werewolves as half-human/half-beast, traditionally they were seen as larger than normal wolves. The Beast of Gevaudan was an extremely dangerous man-eating wolf that was hunted in France between 1764 and 1770.


Ghosts - almost every culture in the world has some form of ghost belief, whether it be ancestral spirits, phantoms, spooks, left over energy, souls, etc. Ghost sightings have been recorded for thousands of years.


Nephalim - the nephalim are considered to be half-human/half-angel. There is a passage in the Bible that refers to the "Sons of God" marrying the "Daughters of Man". According to some sources, such as the Hebrew Bible, the offspring of angels and human females were "the mighty men who were of old, men of renown." Sources also mention they were part of the reason why god caused the Great Flood.


Demons - there are too many sources to site on the subject of demons. I mention demons in The Caretaker as a general term for anything that is not human, according to the Milesians. In my series, the Milesian Army is born, bred, and trained for one purpose - keeping  the rights for Humans to be in this world. Since Non-humans want to have the world as well, they are considered BAD, and what's the baddest there is? Demons. So, no, there are no real demons in the book. 


What is Randy? - I can't tell you that. We will have to find out in the sequels. The Milesian Army believes him to be a nephalim. Randy's kind could be comparable to the nephalim. Same goes for Sa'mael.