What is the Sons of Mil saga?


The Sons of Mil saga is a book series created by Nancy Brooks - me!


The real version of the legend:

There's an old Irish legend of a great warrior king, Mil Espaine. He believed he was destined to conquer a mystical land, now known as Ireland. Although Mil never made it to the great battle, his eight sons did. They conquered the magical race of the Tuatha de Danann, driving them from the land and into the sidthe (mounds). These people became the fairy folk, and the surviving sons of Mil became the kings of Ireland.



The Sons of Mil legend serves as the foundation for this saga.



My version:

Legend has it that Humans and Non-Humans once shared this land we now call Earth. Humans, believing themselves the favored creation, soon grew wary of the immortal Nons. A great warrior king, Mil Espaine, took it upon himself to rid the land of all Non-Humans, but it was no easy task, and Death soon claimed him. The eight sons of Mil continued the battle; they fought long and hard against beings with formidable power. Victory was claimed by the Human race, and all Non-Humans were forced to flee through portals into other world realms.


A truce was forged: Humans would hold the right to live on Earth World for a hundred years' time at the end of which the Non-Humans could attempt to take over the land. Being mortal, the eight sons of Mil were granted the power to return to Earth World; in new bodies they would lead the Humans into the next truce battle. The Non-Humans were also granted an advantage: though the Sons would return, they would forget their purpose upon reincarnation. Only by the bonding of the eight would the Non-Humans have cause to fear.


Fierce battles have raged across Earth World since then. The Humans have been victorious each time. A new age is coming to pass. A new century. The immortals are prepared; the countdown has begun. A battle looms in the near future. Destinies begin to unfold as the Sons reunite, as they learn what was forgotten, and prepare to defend the land from invaders.


The Sons of Mil saga takes the reader on a breathtaking journey to find the eight sons of Mil.