Sons of Mil Saga, Violators: The Coalition series

and Tangled Threads

Are the series connected?




Do you have to start at Book One in order to understand?


No! There is no Book One.


My stories are twined into a Celtic knot of sorts. Everything connects with everything else, characters jump from series to series, what may seem coincidental in one book suddenly makes sense in another... In other words, my characters live and breathe in my world. They have backgrounds, experiences, past lives, families, acquaintances, etc. Just like we all do. Sounds weird, but I write what they 'tell me' to write.


Fair warning!! Things to be aware of if you decide to accept the invitation into my world:


I don't write the stories in a linear fashion. Events will be mentioned, but you can always "go back in time" and read other books in the series/saga for more detail. Each book is its own story, its own adventure.


My characters all live in 'my world', whether on Earth, outer space, or another dimension. There is a great possibility that they may meet at some point - so you can read about Maggie in The Isle of Cipit and about Sabreena in Bestia, and then find them popping up together in the strangest and least expected places (shhhh - Maggie and Sabreena actually cross paths, but you're only going to know where if you read the sequels)


Everything is connected. No, I'm not going to tell you what or where or how. If you don't want to play, at least enjoy the stories at face value.


I like to please my fans. I've used names, personalities, places, inside jokes... things that they'll recognize and enjoy. You won't know, but they will. If there's something you want added, email me!


My fans like sex. Yes, that's putting it bluntly. I'm sorry if sex scenes offend you, but it's better to warn you now. These books are not for kids. They are not trashy sex novels, but they're not clean-cut goody-two-shoes virgin stories either. They're not meant to be gratuitous either - remember everything is connected!