Will there be other series?




I have two other series in the works.


I also have dozens of other stories that will be part of the three existent series -

Sons of Mil Saga, Violators: The Coalition, and Tangled Threads.


I'm in the process of starting the Tangled Threads series which is where I can do the whole Six-degrees of separation thing... the characters from Sons of Mil and Violators have tangled paths, or threads, that occured before their main stories began. Tangled Threads will focus more on the Humans, which will include the Milesian Army, and the regular joes.

I also have some stories ready to go for my Windows Into The Sidthe series. I plan to take you on an adventure into the Otherworld, to see what the fuss is all about - Humans and Non-humans are fighting each other in this world in order to avoid being pushed through portals into the Otherworld. Is it really THAT bad?? We'll see!

Other projects include a Mystical Beasts series in which the most ancient creatures get to tell their stories, and a script that may turn into the Cristiano series - one man's road to redemption.

I've also started my Confessions of Padre Victorio, which will be short stories based on events mentioned in the other series, like the candy vendor's story in Isle of Cipit. These will all be first-hand accounts of creature encounters. Should be fun!

Speaking of the Candy Vendor's Story, it was recently published in an anthology. The anthology is called I Am Not Frazzle! and it's a compilation of several authors around the world. Proceeds go to charity. Please check it out!   I Am Not Frazzle!



If you're anxious to read more, let me know! I do have a day job (kids to support on my own LOL) so my time is stretched to accomodate everything. BUT I do have several stories that are just an edit away from being published. Stay tuned!