The Isle of Cipit

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Who do you see on this cover??

Think you've seen them before??


Darrell Griffin

owner of Freedom Coffee in Downtown Stockton


Adrian Junez

from In-Shape City gym


and the lovely Reena Salas



You also see the cipit art of

Melissa Pinnola

Original design by Shane Burke


and if you look real close... you can see Tanya Moreno of Loki Rhythm


Cover Art by

Miguel Kilantag


The Isle of Cipit is an action-adventure novel that centers around an island in the Pacific Ocean.  An island of cliffs, littered with gold...

A group of Anthropology students unwittingly find themselves in the hands of ruthless mercenaries while an ancient legend hides in the jungle, desperate to survive.


The legends and mythical creatures I mention in The Isle of Cipit are from El Salvador:


El Duende  - a dwarf with a reputation for stalking young girls


La Ziguanaba - a malignant wraith that wanders the rivers and gorges of Central America


La Chancha - a shapeshifting person who becomes a pig


La Carreta Bruja - a rickety old wagon followed by a parade of ghouls


El Cipitillo - a mischievous imp seen around sugar cane mills


I chose El Cipitillo as the main legend in this novel because he was one of my favorite stories. My relatives would tell stories of seeing him, or they knew someone who had seen him. Of course, I gave the character my own twist, BUT when I did some actual research a couple years later, I found out El Cipitillo could be linked to the Aztec god Xipe Totec "our lord the flayed one". Xipe Totec was the god of spring, among other things. It was believed that he would flay his own skin in order to bring about new crops. Aztec priests devoted to Xipe Totec would flay captured warriors or other sacrifice victims in an effort to please him. The priests would then wear this skin for a few days...


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By Joseph Florimond, duc de Loubat (1837 - 1921) (Page 61 of the Codex Borgia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons